Eyebrows & Lashes

The eyes are the focus of your face and by giving them a little pampering with one of our eye treatments you will leave them feeling bright, shining and radiant.

Eye Treatments

brow tint or bleach $15
lash tint $20
lash lift $58
eyebrows $25

eye rejuvenation wrap 30 minutes $55
This wrap conditions & moisturises delicate skin around the eyes reducing puffiness & dark circles while also hydrating & promoting cell regeneration. The eye area is cleansed then a soothing gel & elixir applied followed by a harmonising marma point massage on the face.
Pressure points on the feet are addressed to complete the eye brightening sequence while your first mask is applied then the second chilled mask further reduces puffiness & toxin build-up. Perfect before or after a night out for sparkling eyes and tension relieve.

eye zone supercharge 45 minutes $99 
We combine all our popular eye treatments into one action packed treatment designed especially for your eyes. Your eyebrows will be shaped & tinted and your lashes will be lifted & tinted leaving your eye area absolutely dazzling.