Waxing & Brazilian Waxing Surry Hills

All waxing treatments, including our brazilian, use the highest quality of organic strip & hot wax to deliver gentle & effective hair removal. Our wax is never recycled and we always ensure that all sensitive areas are only treated with hot wax. All waxing includes ingrown & hair retardant treatments to reduce ingrowns and prolong hair growth between visits.

For Women

eyebrows $25
lip or chin wax $13
stomach $18
underarm wax $18
half arm $23
full arm $33
bikini wax $25
brazilian wax $48
half leg wax $28
half leg + bikini wax $43
full leg wax $43
full leg + bikini wax $58

For Men

eyebrows $22
ears $17
facial cheeks $15
nose $17
neck $18
shoulder wax $18
chest + stomach wax $43
back + shoulder wax $48
arms $40
full leg wax $54


Brazilian waxing is a popular waxing treatment that needs both care and skill to be completed correctly. Our brazilian wax is performed with hot wax only using disposable wooden spatulas that are never double dipped. We always sanitise the area with pre-wax lotion containing chamomile in preparation for waxing then finish off the brazilian with a post-wax cleanser that will remove any sticky residue, an ingrown treatment and a soothing lotion that will calm the skin after waxing.